Sergey Lavrov launched the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global"

On June 8, the largest international youth event in Russia, the Eurasia Global Forum, started in Orenburg.

There are more than 900 participants from 63 countries, as well as guests, experts, speakers, organizers and volunteers at the Forum venues. For 7 days they will work in the areas of the business program, consisting of meetings with experts, 4 main tracks corresponding to the activities of Rosmolodezh: "Dobro", "Career", "Media", "Compatriots", workshops, project offices, partner venues, International Youth Media School. They are also waiting for the 2.0 Program – to participants from participants, sightseeing and cultural activities.

The participants were addressed by Andrey Platonov, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), Alexey Roskoshny, Head of the Department for Work with Compatriots of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Balykin, the First Vice-Governor – First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Orenburg Region – Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Food and Processing Industry of the Orenburg Region, and Elena Mondrus, the Director of the "Eurasia Global" Forum.

The opening of the forum started with a greeting from Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

"The Forum has rightfully established itself as a useful platform uniting young men and women from Russia and many other countries of the world. Today, such joint work is in demand both from the point of view of ensuring the dynamic development of our country, and in the interests of maintaining an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding in interstate affairs. It is gratifying that traditionally young compatriots living abroad take an active part in the Forum. We highly appreciate that you are striving to strengthen ties with the historical Homeland, contribute to the preservation of its rich cultural and spiritual heritage, and counteract the falsification of history," Sergey Lavrov said in his address.

"The Forum was created so that we could all come together on one platform and discuss important issues, find new friends and like-minded people for future projects. This is a gathering point for talented young people, and we will be able to support your promising initiatives with grants. We are confident that our traditional forum will continue to be held at such a high level," Andrey Platonov stressed.

Sergey Balykin greeted the participants on behalf of Denis Pasler, the Governor of the Orenburg Region:

"For the seventh time, Orenburg is becoming a point of attraction for young people from different countries, and we see this as a continuation of the best domestic traditions, because it is not by chance that our President supported the initiative of holding the Forum. The Orenburg region is a unique region located in the heart of Eurasia. Representatives of more than one hundred and twenty nationalities live here in peace and harmony, and historical paths connecting the West and the East, connecting people and uniting like-minded people converge. Today, the youth of different countries more than ever feel the need to unite for the common good and universal development. Thank you, friends, for your openness and willingness to cooperate."

Traditionally, the Forum will host grant competitions from Rosmolodezh for Russian participants and the A.M. Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Support Fund for foreigners. The winners, who are tol be selected by the expert commission, will be able to receive financial support for their projects aimed at international cooperation.

It should be noted that the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" is part of the line of forums of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). Rosmolodezh forums are part of the Rosmolodezh.Events (Росмолодёжь.События) platform that brings together all the events and activities of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and partners. The platform includes both large-scale regular events (the line of forums of the Rosmolodezh.Events platform), as well as one-time events (the International Forum of Civic Participation #МЫВМЕСТЕ, the online marathon "YAmolodost", the Festival of the All-Russian competition "Bolshaya Peremena" and others).