You can find like-minded people using FastMeeting on Eurasia Global 2022

The organizers prepared a networking format for the forum members: to find a like-minded person or a partner for a dialogue, it was necessary to choose 5 out of 12 topics on a special screen. The most popular options were "just to chat", "personal media" and "personal wish list". After selecting the topics, the names of the people who match appear on the big screen, as well as the number of the place in the hall where they will have a conversation. Participants need to sit opposite each other, and then start a conversation on the chosen topic. The time of communication is not limited: two minutes were enough for someone, and some conversations went beyond the topic and lasted 30-40 minutes.

It should be noted that not only the forum participants, but also the speakers together with the organizers took part in the networking. Thus, at FastMeeting, everyone had a unique opportunity to communicate informally with the top officials of Eurasia Global 2022. In total, more than 250 people participated at FastMeeting.

Nina Malina, a participant of the forum from the LPR shared her impressions about FastMeeting:
"New acquaintances, communication and knowledge sharing are always inspiring, and the first conversation with a person who has the same interests becomes fascinating and useful. It was a surprise and a great discovery for me that almost all of my interlocutors were ready to share secrets and tips about personal effectiveness in just a few minutes, they wanted to continue communication about more specific topics, including international cooperation. So, a young man from Syria spoke about the help of Russia to fight against sandstorms, that sandstorms create problems for people and how young people within the framework of social movements work in the direction of ecology. I am pleased that here at the Forum we managed to unite around common problems, thinking beyond the political aspects of the interaction of countries. Thanks to such venues, I am convinced that the future belongs to the youth."