Not just a forum for volunteers

The volunteer community of Russia today is more than 5 million caring people. There are more than 30 thousand of them in the Orenburg region: there are volunteers of various ages among them and everyone has their own story. One of them was told to us by a volunteer of “Eurasia Global” 2022, Kamilla Khaibulina.

- Why did you become a volunteer? How long have you been doing this?

I became a volunteer by accident when a friend sent me the link to “Eurasia Global”. My journey began last year and continues till now.

- What functions did you perform at “Eurasia Global” in 2022? What difficulties did you face?

I was a volunteer of the protocol service, that is, I accompanied honored guests and speakers. It was my first experience of volunteering, but the coolest thing is that I immediately got this function. Fortunately, I didn't even have any problems. There were some nuances, but I could always cope with them thanks to the organizers, who were always happy to answer my questions.

- What is hooking with our forum? What did you remember the most?

I study at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, so I was most attracted by the international nature of the forum, because thanks to this I gained experience in communicating with foreigners, practiced a foreign language.

Most of all, I remember my team, which was always there: we became not just colleagues, but also really good friends; we laughed and cried, was being happy and sad, and did it all together. “Eurasia Global” is not just a forum, “Eurasia Global” is people.

- Why people should go to Eurasia Global 2023?

I liked the forum so much that I couldn't help but apply this year. I realized what gaps I had and became more experienced in the field of volunteering. I am ready to put my new knowledge into practice and become more useful and cooler volunteer.

Definitely worth going to the forum, because here everyone can find a circle of supporters, get acquainted with a lot of talented young people. And also enjoy the picturesque views of the city of Orenburg.

- What do you advise this year's volunteers?

I would advise you to take some board games, because thanks to them, on free evenings, guys can get to know each other better, open up and stop being shy.