Global Conversation at the "Eurasia Global" Forum: how a successful career begins

On June 9, the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" started with a global conversation "The League of the Future: strength, energy and dreams of young people". The experts were Andrey Platonov, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), Igor Sukharev, Deputy Governor - Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Orenburg Region for Internal Policy – Minister of Regional and Information Policy of the Orenburg Region, Alexey Ponomarenko, Deputy Director General, Director of the Engineering Competence Unit of the Rosatom Corporate Academy, and Al Jihad Saddam Respiratori, Chairman of the Asian-African Youth Government (Indonesia) of the Youth Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Andrey Platonov outlined the goals set by Rosmolodezh, interacting with the younger generation throughout Russia, spoke about programs to support active youth, their initiatives and involvement in the development of territories:
"Rosmolodezh builds its work in such a way that young people can find themselves and realize their dreams and talents here in Russia. Our mission is to bring opportunities to where young people can take advantage of them," he stressed

Igor Sukharev spoke about the youth agenda of the Orenburg region, noting that all conditions are being created locally for young people to stay at home, develop themselves and bring the Region to the first positions in many indicators. Programs and projects are being adopted to provide housing for young professionals, create a comfortable urban environment and infrastructure for recreation for this purpose.

"The Regional Government supports all initiatives involving schoolchildren, students and working youth in various positive activities and creativity – this is our main task. We allocate administrative resources and finances for this. It is necessary that the new generation associate their future with the territory of their residence," the vice–governor also noted.

The Forum participants told about the competencies they consider important for building a successful career in their regions. Among others, they highlighted financial acumen, talent for sales, recruitment of competent personnel, and learning ability. But all participants agreed that communication skills, building effective interaction are still the most important, because a large percentage of success depends on creating strong partnerships.

Alexey Ponomarenko told how the company's policy towards young employees is built:
"The most important thing for any young person from any region is proactive independence and the desire to integrate into society, find their place and vocation. All the key achievements of nuclear energy are based not on buildings and structures, but on the unique knowledge and skills of our people. We always single out young people who are ready to study and retrain, those who are able to show flexibility and express tolerance."

Al Jihad Saddam Respiratori spoke out how a young person can find his/her place in solving world problems. He noted that young people should play an important role in the development of the future, be active in the international arena, strengthen soft diplomacy. And the Eurasia Global Forum is a very important platform for the implementation of these tasks. Building an international vector of cooperation and fulfilling the global world agenda is the way for young people to overcome many problems.

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