Andrey Orenburov: "Eurasia Global" is a forum that you always want to return to

Volunteer team of the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" will consist of 200 volunteers, not including the reserve. There are a lot of people in its ranks who worked as a volunteer in this event of the past years. Andrey Orenburov is one of them.

Volunteering is not new thing for the young man. He began to engage in this activity since the first year of university. At first, he became a member of the city volunteer center. Then he was appointed head of one of the functional areas. And it has already become a lifestyle.

"I am engaged in this activity because volunteering is a school of life! At school, college, university, they will not teach you what you can take from participating in volunteer activities. I am mainly engaged in event volunteering aimed at working with children and youth." – Orenburgov told.

Andrey has a quite rich volunteer experience. And the events he participated in as a volunteer, at various levels, from urban to international. The All-Russian festival of studding youth "We are together: Different. Bold. Young", the All-Russian Forum "Territory of Meanings", the International Forum of Civic Participation "#WeAreTogether".

The man admits that each of these events allows you to get not only experience, but also new acquaintances. Both among the participants and among the volunteers. Moreover, such connections have only been strengthening over the years, because it is often necessary to meet at different venues, fortunately, many youth events are held in our country, each of them leaves warm memories. And also gives satisfaction from successfully completed work and the result achieved.

"Pleasant memories, funny stories, tears of goodbye, hopes for new meetings, understanding that you have made participation in this forum more comfortable for someone. And when you see the result of your work: the departure of the participants, warm hugs and words of thanks not only in Russian, this is a happy moment," Andrey shared his impressions.

As for Eurasia Global, Orenburov can be called an old resident of this forum. He was a volunteer for three years one after the other. From 2020 to 2022. This year will be the fourth.

"Last year at the forum I held the position of team leader of curators. First of all, it gave me experience! Coordination and interaction not only with their curators, but also in parallel solving any issues that arise with the participants. For me personally, “Eurasia Global” is the forum that I always want to return to. Yes, it's different every year. But the very idea and atmosphere of the forum is transmitted from year to year. Therefore, this year I want to feel it all again," Andrei Orenburov stressed.

Recall that the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" will be held in Orenburg from August 21 to 27, 2023. The participants will be young specialists and professionals from Russia and foreign countries who carry out their activities in the fields of research, international cooperation, media, opinion leaders, young entrepreneurs, civil servants, leaders and members of organizations involved in the development of the movement of children, as well as winners of the contests of the platform "Russia - the land of opportunities" and others.

During the week of the Eurasia Global forum, participants will visit educational and cultural programs, platforms for informal communication, exhibition areas of partners. Also, young people will present their projects, the best of which will receive grant support from Rosmolodezh for their implementation.