"Eurasia Global": what is our forum about?

The idea of the forum was born in 2016 year, and then realized at the World Festival of Youth and Students, which is very symbolic on the eve of the World Youth Festival 2024. Now "Eurasia Global" has grown its strength and it’s being held on Orenburg land for the eighth time. Thousands of successful projects were able to be realized thanks to the forum. And yet, what is it about?
In general, youth forums serve as accelerator – a place for the implementation of their own and public initiatives, as well as a professional and personal growth point. “Eurasia Global” aims to create and work out a beta-version of new formats and an up–to–date communication agenda. The Forum gathers progressive youth from different countries who share the values of equality, mutual respect of cultures and the right to sovereignty.

“Eurasia Global” is building a platform for the constructive formation of a multipolar relationship of countries based on respect for traditions, sovereignty and interests of each partner. This year, the key theme of “Eurasia Global” will be built around the format of a big business game. Participants will need to test the idea of a new youth communication format. To do this, they need to work on roles and "gaming" countries.

The business program has prepared the principle of "One day – one meaning". It consists of meetings and group work of representatives of each role, discussion of the "real" agenda of concern to young people in the foresight format. As well as the clash of interests of "gaming" countries. In addition, participants conduct master classes, form an agenda, participate in testing new formats, become researchers and methodologists.

Cultural and educational program presents cultural exchange events between participants, acquaintance with Russian culture in the form of an exhibition - key achievements of Russian culture, youth policy and technology. As well as meetings with the best experts in the field of international diplomacy, a program of choice for participants, intellectual conversations between market leaders and holders of meanings in the market.

Eurasia Global does all this to identify and support promising young professionals and teach them to declare themselves. To show that youth social activities help the state develop and deserve attention and grant support.