"Russia has been a pillar of strength at difficult moments in India’s history": Himadrish Suwan

Mr. Himadrish Suwan

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  • National Coordinator, Working Group, C20 India (Official Engagement Group of India's Ongoing G20 Presidency)
  • Chairperson, Confederation of Young Leaders of India
  • Director General, Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership
  • Advisor, Confederation of Indian Universities
Mr. Himadrish Suwan is a globally renowned and award-winning institution builder and a leader whose words and work in the field of public service is inspiring a generation. He is currently serving as Chairperson of the Confederation of Young Leaders and Director General at the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership. He is also a noted contributor to several reputed dailies and magazines.
Mr. Himadrish Suwan is also one of the Working Group National Coordinators for the Civil 20 India (C20 India 2023) - Official Engagement Group under India's Ongoing Presidency of G-20. C20 India 2023 is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20 that provides a platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) around the world to voice people’s aspirations to the world leaders of G20.

Being a firm believer in the traditional Indian ethos of "Vasudev Kutumbakam" (World is one Family) and Youth led Public Diplomacy Mr. Himadrish Suwan's leadership saw the Confederation of Young Leaders forge cooperation to foster people-to-people, cultural, academic, and youth exchange mechanisms with over 50 friendly nations; right from Argentina to the United States of America.
Despite my demanding schedule, including the responsibilities of India's G20 Presidency, I attached great personal importance to this event. It's my maiden visit to Russia, and the warm support extended by the Russian Embassy in India has been truly heartening. This gesture speaks volumes about the genuine friendship and the value they place on youth-led cooperation between our nations.

As I prepare to arrive in Russia, I am reminded of the unwavering strength of our bilateral relations. "Russia has contributed to India’s development, growth and security. India will always reciprocate this support. Across Indian society and the spectrum of its political structures, there is unanimity that friendship with Russia is an important pillar of India’s foreign policy. India and Russia today enjoy what we have termed a ‘special and privileged strategic partnership’, based on unmatched mutual confidence, trust and goodwill. As emerging and responsible stakeholders in a dynamic international system, we benefit from each other’s strength and strategic autonomy. Our relations serve as an anchor and as a pivot of durable peace, a just global order and of multilateral stability. For me personally, it is a source of immense satisfaction, that despite the great geographic distance between our two countries, we have succeeded in building genuine ties of goodwill, warmth, friendship and mutual respect, not just between the governments and political leadership in both countries but at the people-to-people level. This is the true bedrock on which the India-Russia strategic partnership rests.”

Mr Suwan with current Russian ambassador to india, H.E Mr Denis Alipov
The Eurasia Global Forum in Orenburg holds the promise of facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives among young leaders from around the world. This gathering presents a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning, networking, and collaborative discussions on global issues. The event's diverse participation and Russia's engagement as a host nation underscore its commitment to fostering international cooperation and understanding.

As the forum unfolds, participants can look forward to an intellectually stimulating environment that encourages constructive dialogue, promotes cooperation, and celebrates the role of youth in shaping a more interconnected world. Russia's historical, geopolitical, and cultural significance would enrich the discussions, potentially leading to innovative solutions for shared challenges.
Other people in delegation
The relationship between India and Russia has always been special, spanning decades of mutual respect and cooperation. As the head of the Indian delegation, I am honored to be a part of this legacy. My connection with the Russian Embassy in India goes back a long way, and I consider them to be old friends. When we received an official invitation from the Federal Agency of Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation, it wasn't just another event – it was a testament to the deep-rooted bonds we share.

Having traversed the world widely, my journeys have taken me through diverse lands and cultures. Yet, I have never been to Russia. With an eagerness that can only accompany a maiden visit, I find myself stepping onto Russian soil for the very first time.

The allure of this enigmatic country has captured my imagination for years, as I've delved into its history, literature, and art. The tales of its grand palaces, sweeping landscapes, and resilient people have woven a vivid tapestry in my mind. As I set foot on this storied land, I am reminded of the countless stories I've read, the documentaries I've watched, and the conversations that have sparked my fascination with Russia.

Mr Suwan with Russian Singer Sati Kazanova
The sheer magnitude of its cultural contributions, from the masterpieces of the Hermitage to the literary brilliance of Tolstoy has been etched into my consciousness. In many ways, the Orenburg region encapsulates the very essence of Russia—a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, nature's splendor and human ingenuity. As I embark on this leg of my journey, I do so with a heart full of anticipation, ready to immerse myself in the stories that Orenburg has to share and to contribute my own chapter to the tale of this remarkable land.