Olga Faizullina: You can't get such an experience as at the Eurasia Global Forum anywhere else

We continue to share the stories of the grantees of the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum from previous years. One of the winners in 2021 was Olga Faizullina from Orenburg who received a grant in the amount of 1 million 450 thousand rubles for the project “Youth co-working Center “The Point of Development”.

"I saw information about realization of such a large-scale event in our city every year. However, only in 2021, I decided to take part myself. As I work in an educational organization of secondary vocational education, I understand what niches in this system are not filled and what problems there are. I wanted to create something that, first and foremost, would be useful for the students I work with. This is how the idea of my project to create a youth co-working center “Point of Development” came about.

The project is fully implemented at the moment. In college of service, we created multifunctional space where our students, and also students from other colleges of the city can participate in various events of creative, intellectual and other directions.

Forum “Eurasia Global” is very interesting event. First of all, it is communication with children from different corners of Russia, from other countries. I was impressed by the program of the forum. It was very interesting for me to go to various activities and lectures. Even the cultural program, which was part of the forum, did not leave anyone indifferent. The forum offered a lot of different opportunities: to make contacts, communicate with like-minded people and increase the competencies. Such an experience as at Eurasia Global cannot be acquired anywhere else.

This year, my colleagues will take part in the form. As I was already a winner of a grant competition, I help them with many questions. Now we are in the process of writing the project."

It is worth noting that the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" will take place in Orenburg from August 21 to 27, 2023. The participants are consist of young specialists and professionals from Russia and foreign countries engaged in volunteering, media, career development, and international youth cooperation.

During the week of the "Eurasia Global" forum, participants will attend educational and cultural programs, informal networking areas, and exhibition zones of partners. Additionally, young individuals will present their projects, and the best ones will receive grant support from Rosmolodyozh.

Registration for the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" is open until July 7, 2023, on the platform: .