Volunteers from the "Eurasia Global" forum will receive an advantage in the selection process for the World Youth Festival

Volunteers are not just intermediaries between organizers and participants of any event; they are the connecting thread. The professionalism, responsibility, and teamwork of the volunteer team will be judged as an indicator of the organizers' hospitality. Therefore, recognizing the merits of volunteer helpers is one of the key objectives of the "Eurasia Global" volunteer program. It is mainly expressed in non-material form.

Undoubtedly, volunteers working at such a large-scale event gain opportunity for their personal development, acquiring new experiences and knowledge. At the upcoming International Youth Forum, volunteers will have informal meetings with distinguished guests and will be able to participate in a series of special events.

The positive volunteer image of the most active volunteers will be supported in the media space. They will receive verified hours on the DOBRO.RF platform and will be acknowledged with letters of appreciation. Furthermore, volunteer helpers from "Eurasia Global" will have an advantage in the selection process to participate as volunteers in the World Youth Festival, which is planned for 2024.

In addition to non-material rewards, there will also be material rewards in the form of souvenir products. Furthermore, individuals celebrating their birthdays during the forum will receive a commemorative gift.

Applications can be submitted until June 30 on the DOBRO.RU platform using the following link:

To recap, the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" will take place in Orenburg, Russia, from August 21 to 27, 2023. The participants will be young specialists and professionals from Russia and foreign countries engaged in volunteering, media, career development, and international youth cooperation.

During the week-long forum, participants will attend educational and cultural programs, informal communication platforms, and partner exhibition areas. Additionally, young people will present their projects, and the best ones will receive grant support from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodyozh) for their implementation.

Registration for the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" is open until July 7, 2023, on the platform:

Applications can be submitted until June 30 on the DOBRO.RU platform using the following link: