Director of «Eurasia Global» Anastasia Alferova: «We sent greetings from one forum to another»

One of the forums included in the line of the Rosmolodezh platform.Events, the Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District «iVolga» ended a week ago in the Samara region. Participants, organizers and speakers passed the baton to the Orenburg region, where the grand opening of the International Youth Forum «Eurasia Global» will take place in two weeks.

«The launch of «Eurasia Global» will take place exactly one month after the «iVolga»: in the Samara region the forum was opened on July 21, and in the Orenburg region – the participants will meet on August 21. It turned out to be such a symbolic teleconference from July to August, we sent greetings from one forum to another», Anastasia Aleferova shared.

Remind that at the «iVolga» forum, the director of «Eurasia Global» held a business game «Cooperation, or how to agree on everything» with the participants of the «Generation of the First» shift. The youngest participants of «iVolga» and their parents, helping each other, created unique team pictures.

«As a result of our meeting, we got not only a beautiful picture, but also an understanding that it is important to listen to each other, work together to get a high overall result. The final picture is that there are a lot of us, but we are together», Anastasia said.

The organizers of the forum are the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and the Government of the Orenburg region.

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