The possibilities of an electronic platform for compatriots were presented at Eurasia Global

Russian compatriots living abroad met at the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global". Within the framework of its holding, a separate platform for compatriots has been organized, where issues of the Russian language, Russian organizations abroad and the development of a Community of young compatriots with the help of AIS "Young Compatriots" are discussed. AIS "Young Compatriots" is a platform that unites Russian compatriots to communicate and implement joint projects in Russian abroad.

As part of a separate special platform at the Eurasia Global Forum, a number of meetings were held with Russian compatriots living abroad. At the panel discussion "The prospect of remote interaction in the new realities of geopolitics", the meeting participants discussed the importance of preserving the Russian language and the multinational culture of Russia, as well as the development of projects and events abroad, where the key language is Russian. Registration in the Automated Information System (AIS) "Young Compatriots" ( is available to Russian compatriots from the age of 14, the platform acts as a significant tool for communication and unification of compatriots, regardless of their country of residence. There are also tabbed pages Calendar of events and Directory of the compatriot on the platform, which allow users to participate in events in Russian around the world, to receive the necessary information about education, methodological and informational support.

At the panel discussion of the members of the Interdepartmental Council for Youth Affairs under the Government Commission for Compatriots on the topic "Activities of the Community of Young Compatriots living abroad in new realities", the mechanisms, structure and organizations interacting with compatriots were discussed, besides, participants from China and Mexico shared their experience in organizing events and interacting with the World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots. Alexey Roskoshny, the Head of the Department for Work with Compatriots Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia,  called on Russian compatriots to establish interaction among themselves, being on the site of the Eurasia Global Forum, and also noted the importance of the Community of young compatriots, which includes the most active Russian representatives living abroad: "It is important for the younger generation to adopt the knowledge of active compatriots who have extensive experience in organizing Russian events abroad. Young compatriots are the guides of the Russian language, culture, history and help to form a positive image of our country abroad, to convey truthful information about the Russian Federation."
An important part of the discussions was the topic "Russia in the eyes of foreigners", where compatriots talked about how to convey to foreign citizens that the youth of the Russian Federation is open for friendship and cooperation. The participants of the meeting proposed to think over and consider subsidies for foreigners interested in Russia for trips outside the central part of the state (for example, educational and sightseeing trips for foreigners to the Far East).
At the panel discussion "Development of international relations and the Russian world through the Community of compatriots" in the format of a video conference, the forum participants met with other compatriots from Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy and Panama. Compatriots from these countries told about their experience of holding events in Russian in their countries of residence and called on all participants to become active and develop the Russian world abroad, and all participants of the meeting agreed on joint online meetings to create a joint action plan for 2022/23 on the "Young compatriots" platform.
In 2022, the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" is being held for the seventh time, the purpose of the Forum is to create conditions for the exchange of world best practices in the development of projects in the field of sustainable youth development. The forum participants are 250 foreigners, including Russian compatriots living abroad, as well as 250 representatives of Russian youth.