The business program of the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" is announced

The Forum participants will take part in more than 50 events of the Business program of the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global", which is held from June 8 to 14 in Orenburg.
All the events will help young people from all over the world to take a fresh look at youth international cooperation. In 2022, the Forum will focus on public diplomacy, soft power, and humanitarian influence. The Business program of the Forum is divided into 4 main tracks that correspond to the activities of Rosmolodezh and meet the sustainable development goals of the United Nations: "Dobro", "Career", "Media", as well as a special track "Compatriots".

Track on volunteering. Experts, coaches and volunteers with experience will share international practices of volunteering, discuss the current mission, tasks, goals and problems of this area. The topics of discussion also include the specifics of working with certain categories of citizens, including inclusive events, and most importantly, assistance to those who really need it. Improving the system of volunteering in countries and at international venues is the goal pursued by the track participants.

The track is about building a successful career in an ever-changing world. Among the topics of discussion are the search for a dream job, what requirements modern working conditions should meet, how to learn to create something new and improve your skills, how to become a leader and be at the forefront of your profession. Much attention will be paid to the cooperation of businesses of different directions in order to create an innovative product.

The track is about the work of modern media. The pool of topics: how the media work today, where to start creating your own media, how to convey information about serious events to the audience, the ethics of modern media, production support of the media, the production of film products to preserve historical memory, the fight against fakes. An important topic of the track will be information support for international projects.

Track by and for young Russian compatriots living abroad. The issues of consolidation, preservation of the Russian world, popularization of cultural and national values, implementation of joint projects are the main ones for discussion on the track.
The Business program also includes daily meetings of participants with experts – a global conversation: "The League of the Future: strength, energy and dreams of young people", "The right to the future", "The future: the result of joint actions", "Russia for the world: values, meanings and technologies". Exhibitions, photo zones, interactive platforms, excursions and much more from the cultural and leisure programs will be available to 500 participants. The Forum space is organized in such a way that everyone can fully immerse themselves in all activities and is aimed at team building for productive work.
The business program will be attended by Ksenia Razuvaeva, the Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Denis Pasler, the Governor of the Orenburg region, Asand Luvak, the Executive Director of the National Youth Development Agency of South Africa, Ronald Cardem, the Chairman of the National Commission for Youth Affairs of the Republic of the Philippines.

All Media wishing to provide information support to the Forum must be accredited: download the form, fill it out and send it to the email address The form must be filled out for each media representative and employee staying on the territory (including technical staff, drivers, assistants).
It should be noted that the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" is part of the line of forums of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). Rosmolodezh forums are part of the Rosmolodezh.Events platform Росмолодёжь.События) (that brings together all the events and activities of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and partners. The platform includes both large-scale regular events (the line of forums of the Rosmolodezh platform.Events), as well as one-time events (the International Forum of Civic Participation #МЫВМЕСТЕ, the online marathon "YAmolodost", the Festival of the All-Russian competition "Bolshaya peremena" and others).

for the Media:
Anastasia Potychkina, Head of the Forum's press service +7(926) 278-32-93,
Yana Shiryaeva, Federal Media Relations Coordinator +7(985) 091-21-21,
Ekaterina Shitikova, Regional Media Relations Coordinator +7(922) 861-89-09.