The National Village

Orenburg, located at the junction of Europe and Asia, is a truly unique place, whose history keeps a lot of fascinating pages.

The site "National Village" was built on its territory, which is an open-air museum on Gagarin Avenue. The park was intended to become a symbol of friendship, love and unity of the peoples of the Orenburg Region.

The idea of creating the "National Village" complex arose in 2004, and in 2008 the complex was opened in the very center of the city. The museum immediately became very popular among tourists and residents of the city.

The "National Village" consists of farmsteads, each of which is built in the traditions of representatives of the most numerous ethnic groups living on the territory of the Orenburg region. Each farmstead has a restaurant with national cuisine, a museum and souvenir shops. In the heart of the park there is a fountain "Friendship", symbolizing the brotherhood of farmsteads.

Today, various events are often held on the territory of the park, including performances of folklore ensembles, traditional festivals and festivities. Here visitors have a great opportunity to see a variety of architectural styles, get to know the traditions and culture of different peoples.

Of great interest is the Russian courtyard, the main building of which is a wonderful fairy—tale terem. It was built in full accordance with the traditions of Russian wooden architecture, which means "without a single nail". In addition to the main terem, a bathhouse, a mill and a well are also located on the territory of the farmstead. They are recreated in compliance with the smallest details, which gives the buildings a look of solidity. Nearby is a white mud hut with a thatched roof, as if miraculously transported from the Zaporozhye steppes to our days.

Each of the farmsteads has its own museums of history, culture and everyday life, as well as libraries with folk books. Interestingly, newspapers in all languages of the farmsteads are published on the territory of the village, and for all questions you can contact the offices of national cultural centers.

Each national corner has a unique look and its own atmosphere.


National Museums: Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, Saturday - from 10:00 to 16:00, Sunday and Monday - closed

TICKET PRICE: Depending on the farmstead.

ADDRESS OF THE CULTURAL COMPLEX: Altayskaya str./ Gagarin Ave., behind Yuri Gagarin Square, Orenburg