Together we can do anything! Global conversation about mutually beneficial friendship of peoples

The topic of the third global conversation of the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" is "The future: the result of joint actions".
On the list of experts of the platform: Ignat Petukhov, the Vice-Governor – Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Orenburg Region for Economic and Investment Policy, Valeria Chernogorodova, Head of the Department of International Activities of the Department of Youth Projects and Programs of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), Oleg Sulitsa, Acting Rector of S. A. Yesenin Ryazan State University, Maria Isabel Ceballos, correspondent of the “RT en Español” news agency, Ilya Kuzmichev, Consultant of the Analytical Support Department of the Protocol and Organizational Support Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, qnd Irina Sarkisyan, Project Manager of the ANO "Rosatom Corporate Academy".

"It's hard to say what skills a young person needs even in the near future, because the world is changing very rapidly, but there are universal skills that will be useful to you, no matter what you do. I started to form such skills at university. Project work is perhaps one of the most important, communication comes second, but sometimes it is the number one skill, it is also important to form the skill of understanding complex things. Independently and consciously choose what you need. You should clearly know what you are doing and for what. If you are sitting, let's say, now and do not understand why you are doing this, it's better to leave. No one has yet managed to be successful in a business that they did not like," Ignat Petukhov shared.

Oleg Sulitsa told what international projects universities support. The expert stressed that it is necessary for students to understand the importance of international cooperation, because these are unique opportunities and additional resources for the personal development of students. The speaker called the university a place where students' initiatives in international affairs are provided and supported in every possible way.

Ilya Kuzmichev told about the opportunities offered by the Eurasian Economic Union to young men. He noted that this issue is the main one, because the goal of the organization is to create opportunities, eliminate obstacles and restrictions for realizing the opportunities of all young people from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).

"It is important for us that countries conduct a continuous dialogue with their youth, for this we carry out constant work: we are a resident of the Forum, create new projects, regularly conduct business games, brainstorming sessions. In the process, we want to identify how we, a supranational body, can help in realizing opportunities. By practicing a project approach, we train young people in these skills that will help in creating a business, studying and in any other conditions," the speaker said.

Maria Isabel Ceballos explained how important it is to influence young people through the media, how this changes international cooperation, and how it can be improved. Valeria Chernogorodova reported how Rosmolodezh helps the younger generation to build effective international cooperation. The speaker noted that special priority is given to projects that come from young people themselves or have a specific request from them. She also gave advice on how to make your project more effective: you need to take into account the existing experience and not reduplicate, producing the same initiatives, and the longer the format of interaction with other countries is, the more chance the event has to be supported by the agency.

Irina Sarkisyan told how the project of the ANO "Rosatom Corporate Academy" unites students around the world, popularizing Russian nuclear education. Ambassadors – more than 50 students and graduates from 22 partner countries of Rosatom - who were selected from 500 applicants. More than 90% of the graduates of the project work in the nuclear industry of their countries and promote education in Russia. Note that the ambassadors are moderators of all global conversations that take place on Eurasia Global.