Team introduction

Alevtina Buchner

Alevtina is an experienced manager – she has such projects as:
  • Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District (head of open areas)
  • XXX All-Russian Festival "Russian Student Spring" (Head of the curator service)
  • public representative of ASI
Alevtina has been working in forum campaigns and at major events for 5 years. At Eurasia Global, she is responsible for selecting participants, transmitting the necessary information for their comfortable stay, settling in, helping with issues related to the forum and supporting participants in general.
"My staff and I selected our participants based on their profile. We paid attention to their experience in other forums, how do they see the development of the international community, their activity and life position. The key factor was the knowledge of the language, as "Eurasia Global" is an international forum. It was an in–depth study of applications at several levels, for which my team was responsible," – Alevtina shares her impression of the work done.
After the selection, the department for work with participants calls the regions: confirms that they are ready to come and solves all transfer issues. The settlement is also handled by Alevtina's team. Orenburg hotels are located in the most convenient locations for transfer. It is very easy to get to the point where the main program of the forum will be held. Then all participants are divided into groups. A volunteer of the service for working with participants is assigned to each of them. He will be a curator who interacts with the guys directly until the end of the forum. Basically, the department provides information support to the participants. For example, if they have problems with logistics, a question about inventory or questions about the festival program. The service for working with participants is always in touch: "We are the people who are always close to the participants so that they feel comfortable within our “Eurasia Global” forum," explains Alevtina.

"I expect the forum to introduce the participants, their positive emotions, effective, well-coordinated teamwork and, of course, new impressions! ❤️"