The global meeting of the "Eurasia Global" Forum: what rights should humanity have in order to build the future?

On June 10, the global conversation of the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" was devoted to the rights of a young person for his/her future. What is the right to the future of each person? What measures of support, protection and provision are provided by the country's leadership to ensure this right? What opportunities do cooperation open up? What is the new reality of ecology and creativity? These and many other questions became the main ones at the big meeting of participants with experts.

The speakers were Dmitry Kulagin, Vice-Governor – Deputy Prime Minister – Chief of Staff of the Governor and Government of the Orenburg Region, Andrey Rudnev, Head of the Development of environmental Volunteerism at the Russian Environmental Operator Public Law Company, Nikolay Zhuravlev, Director General of the Eurasian Cooperation and Integration Fund, and the head of the “Ecosophy” project of the presidential platform “Russia – land of opportunities", Vita Saar, Head of the Committee for the Development of Sustainable Tourism of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry, Ruslan Vyaltsev, NFT-artist, art director of the "2mrw" studio and Stanislav Byshok, lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

"I am an optimist and I see a good and bright future, and it should be for everyone! A comfortable life should be created for young people to realize themselves, but they should not become dependent, but show their activity. And their right is to receive protection from those forces that are taking them in the wrong direction, manipulating for selfish, dubious purposes," Dmitry Kulagin said.

"The right to cooperation and friendship is now being questioned, it is unacceptable for someone to try to tell us with whom it is possible to cooperate and be friends, and with whom it is impossible. Today, Russia is under enormous pressure, citizens are being deprived of the key right to cooperate in several areas: economy, science, humanitarian cooperation. Rogue states should not exist! It is impossible to build the future by "turning off" some countries from the world community," Nikolay Zhuravlev stressed.

Experts and participants of the global conversation noted how much more environmentally friendly the Forum has become. This is true, 2022 is the year of priority attitude to the topic of ecology within the framework of the Forum: together with a team of eco-experts, the organizers developed an eco-standard that contains all solutions to reduce the negative impact on the environment. There is a minimum number of printed materials at all event venues, participants and experts receive all information interactively, the number of banners that will be recycled at the end of the Forum has been reduced. The number of crossings between venues has also been reduced, the organizers urge participants to save water. A lot of work is being done in terms of separate waste collection and sending it for recycling. Everywhere – from dishes to notebooks – items made of recycled paper, cardboard, tetrapacks are used to be recycled afterwards.

Vita Saar noted that over the past decades, people have so littered the planet that we have to talk about the future only taking into account the involvement of contemporaries and descendants in solving the main task – to eliminate the negative ecological footprint. She noted that the right to choose, the choice in favor of future generations and a comfortable life will be realized only if the majority of people introduce environmental habits into their lives. And to help achieve this, the Presidential Platform "Russia - land of opportunities" has created the project "Ecosophia". It is dedicated to the ecologization of lifestyle, it is not only about nature, it is about people, about the daily choice to live with maximum benefit for themselves, responsible for their behavior and their actions every day.

Right during the global conversation, the speaker was informed that at the stand of the “Ecosophy” project, a large number of participants not only from Russia, but also from other countries want to join the initiative. And on the spot Vita Saar made a decision and announced that the project will become international and now people living in Russia and having foreign citizenship can take part in it.

Ruslan Vyaltsev, NFT-artist, told what components influence the development of creativity, how art determines the future and changes it.

"First of all, to develop creativity, you need to be open to the world, new impressions, different opinions. Speaking of cooperation: if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with someone. In creative work, many artists went their own way for a very long time, learned from others, drew ideas from everywhere. If you have an environmental project, it is not necessary to study only environmental projects, you may be inspired by a council or a project that has nothing to do with ecology at all, you just need to open up to the world," Ruslan Vyaltsev stressed.

Following the results of the global conversation, the participants came to the conclusion that everyone should have the right to cooperation, implementation and an environmentally friendly, clean environment.