5 projects in the "Develop the Environment" category of the Rosmolodyozh grant competition

The opportunity to implement their initiatives will be provided to participants of the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global," which will take place in Orenburg from August 21st - 27th, 2023. Participants are already preparing projects in 18 categories, and "Develop the Environment" is one of them. This is a relatively new direction of grant support from Rosmolodyozh, which emerged in 2022. Projects aimed at the development of small towns and settlements, involving young people from remote areas in the implementation of initiatives and social practices, can compete for a grant in this category. Here are some examples of such projects:

Forest Revival

With the efforts of a dedicated forester enthusiast in the Ryazan region, a forest has returned to life on the lifeless terrains of former mines. Viktor Solovyov began his work back in 1992 and made considerable efforts to ensure the survival of seedlings on heaps of rubble. For the initial plantings, he brought soil and manure. Later, the fallen leaves started creating a fertile layer, and now the Martian landscape of this once mining area has undergone significant transformation.

Peafowl Farm

The Burkov family from the Chelyabinsk region has taken up peafowl breeding on their property in the village of Kuznechnoye. Gradually, the farm expanded and turned into a "Peafowl Farm," which now houses various exotic birds and other animals. Excursions and master classes are conducted here, birthdays are celebrated, and families with children visit. One of the special focuses of the Burkovs' activities is working with disabled children.

Virtual Reality

Alexander and Alina Baygushevy opened a virtual reality venue in the town of Valuyki, Belgorod region. The couple often visited gaming centers with their children when traveling to other regions and decided that their own town should have a similar center. It has become popular among both children and adults and has become a significant attraction for the townspeople.

Astronomical Laboratory

With the help of a grant, a physics teacher from the Lyubinsky district of Krasnoyarsk built an astronomical laboratory called "Finger to the Sky." Andrey Naydanov was able to purchase equipment for astronomical photography and organize observations of stars and planets for children. Astronomical field trips are also organized in the Lyubinsky district as part of the grant. Under the open sky, young astronomers gain experience in astrophotography, land and celestial navigation.

Youth Laser Tag Club "84th Motorized Rifle Division"

Thanks to the initiative of the project team led by Marat Abbazov, schoolchildren in the Cherdaklynsky district of the Ulyanovsk region now have their own laser tag club. The project brings together children and teenagers aged 12 to 17 through high-tech, military-applied real-time gaming. Additionally, the club hosts educational sessions with real combat veterans from the Cherdaklynsky district, teaching tactical combat techniques and the military history of Russia.

These are just some of the projects that have already been implemented under the Rosmolodyozh grant in the #DEVELOP_THE_ENVIRONMENT category. Now, rural youth and young people from small communities have the opportunity to showcase themselves and contribute to the development of their hometowns.

Just a quick reminder, the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" will take place in Orenburg from August 21st - 27th, 2023. Participants will include young professionals and experts from Russia and other countries, engaged in volunteer work, media, career development, and international youth cooperation.

During the week of the "Eurasia Global" forum, participants will attend educational and cultural programs, informal networking areas, and partner exhibition zones. Additionally, young individuals will present their projects, and the best ones will receive grant support from Rosmolodyozh for their implementation.

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