Instructions: transfer and check-in

1) Bought a ticket – tell your curator the date, time, flight or train number. Specify the route to the forum and back so that you will be met and taken to the hotel.

2) Arrived? Find a volunteer – look for men in a branded forum T-shirt or an information stand with the “Eurasia Global” logo. The guys from your group will gather there, re-register and go on a transfer.

3) Check your belongings before the transfer. If your luggage hasn’t arrived or you’ve forgotten something, ask a volunteer for help.

4) At the entrance to the hotel, inform additionally all the departure data: date, time and transport. Check them for mistakes. If the data has changed, tell the curator.

5) The forum has its own transfer to move around the sites. Follow your curator to the bus with the TEAM number, or (in the afternoon) to the bus with the NAME of the LOCATION.

6) At the end of the forum, check with the volunteers your route from the hotel to the airport / train or bus station. Inform the curator about any changes.