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The Field of Mars is the main site of the forum. One of the best squares of the city of Orenburg is the Field of Mars on Red Square. The name "Field of Mars" was given to this place in pre—revolutionary times. Then the prairie capital tried to keep up with global trends. The “Champ de Mars” was both in Paris and in St. Petersburg.

⏳The idea to revive the historical territory of the "Field of Mars" in Orenburg was proposed in the late 1970s by Yuri Garankin. But the real embodiment of recreating the "Field of Mars" project as a broad cultural complex was received only in the beginning of XXI century.
⌛️And in 2013, the square along the Red Square Street and the descent to the Ural River were restored. The initiator of the urban social project "Restoration of the territory of the Field of Mars in Orenburg" was Alexander Zelentsov.
⌚️Currently, the complex "Field of Mars" includes a kindergarten, a comprehensive school, a modern sports complex, a boarding house for the elderly, a park area. There is also a monument to Peter I, which looks at the Ural River and the Trans-Ural Grove.