Interactive events at the "Eurasia Global" Forum

The «Eurasia Global» Forum is not only a place for communication and information exchange, but also a platform for entertainment and personal development.

We have collected information about all interactive events. Meet, participate, win and get gifts!

— The first thing you can see at the exhibition is the site of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Here you can visit a fascinating tour of the history of the Russian ruble, but did you know that after that it remains only to win the quiz and get a gift for a good result?

— The next location in line is down products from «ORENBURG SHAWL» manufacturers. Here you will be taught how to process Orenburg fluff by yourself, and they will also show you how to spin threads and knit. There are few places where you can get the experience of such manual work, so be sure to pay attention.

— You don't know how to drive, but have you always dreamed of trying? You have such an opportunity right now at the site of the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Take part in the interactive «Auto - sobriety» and try to pass the driving test.

— Bone marrow – where is it located? This is the first question you will hear on the site of the National Registry of Bone Marrow Donors. They will tell you about the bone marrow, its functions in our body and how to apply for becoming a donor and save someone's life.
— Everyone who cares about the state of ecology on the planet should visit the site of the All-Russian ecological social movement «Ecosystem». Thanks to the games «Eco - activi» and «Plant», you can learn eco-friendly and economical consumption. So take your friend, go play and get prizes.
— Spend time playing board games in a pleasant company, win a quiz, take a cool photo and try out a special interactive VR zone – all this is waiting for you in the big red and white zone of Russian Railways.
— On the site of the partner of our forum «Russian Post», you can do something that gives off a certain nostalgic atmosphere – send a paper branded postcard of the forum to another city or even country! This is one of the best ways to surprise your friend or relative – tested by participants of previous years.
— Do you also think that everyone should have financial literacy? And how educated are you in this field? Check your level of knowledge – take a financial literacy test at the Bank «ORENBURG» site and get a gift for the best result. You can also play logic board games here.
— People with disabilities can be found in any area of our life, it is very important to understand their vision of the world and be able to help them understand you. The quest to understand disability «Erasing boundaries» at the site of the ANO Inspiration will teach you this and show you what difficulties they face on a daily basis.
— Get a watermelon in the ring. Can you? And to win in monopoly or association with Orenburg? Visit the platform «Orenburg region. Horizons of Discoveries» and prove to everyone how well you are already familiar with the city of the forum. By the way, there are also cool gifts here.
— The merch of the forum for completed tasks is Another Matter! The guys have a lot of tasks for you that will broaden your horizons and give you the opportunity to win cool branded prizes.
— And you can also do good deeds at our exhibition. All you need to do is find the location of the Association of Volunteer Centers, scan the QR - code and choose the type of assistance. Games and interactivity are held here every day.
— Did you bring a book with you? Take her to the guys from the First Movement. They are the ones who host the Book to a Friend campaign, and you can also learn how to make origami, find your vocation, study planning and dance from the heart.
You have a whole week of the forum to visit each site and take part in all the interactivity. We are sure that you will not miss anything and will be able to collect all possible souvenirs. Good luck!