At "Eurasia Global", everyone is important☝

A huge number of young men participated in the volunteer competition. And although there is only one winner, we want to tell you other stories. Here is what [id531888397|Dinara Dadaboyevа wrote about herself:

"To begin with, I was shocked that I would work in such a cool team!

My job was multifunctional, I worked at the accreditation desk, then I became part of the rapid response team. And most importantly, I realized that I like to communicate with people, to attract their attention, it really was a thrill…

... My life was filled with bright colors! New friends have appeared, truly kind people! I don't want to call anyone to be a volunteer, because it's everyone's choice, but once you step on this path, you won't want to turn off, but you will want to go forward, no matter what. Good deeds make us happier ourselves! If someone needs you, and people are waiting for your work, then the time has not been spent in vain!"

Thank you, Dinara, for the touching words

We are waiting for her as a volunteer at "Eurasia Global" 2024