Cultural phenomenons of different countries. What challenges are waiting for us and how to set up the international exchange, safe travels and openness to dialogue

Traveling is not only an opportunity to relax and enjoy new experiences, but also a way to broaden your horizons, get acquainted with new cultures and traditions, as well as make new friends. In this article, based on the open discussion of the «Eurasia Global» forum, we will talk about travel as a tool for solving our own problems, how they help us to achieve our goals and what will help us in this.
Traveling is always great, it's a cultural exchange, which is very important for us. It is interesting that we are in Orenburg right now, when several major events are taking place for its residents at once, this is the «Eurasia Global» forum, the opening of the Film Festival «East&West». Classics and avant-garde, also this Saturday our city turns 280 years old. And I think it's not for nothing that we all ended up here, at the junction of Europe and Asia.
With these words, Lydia Hetman, the Ambassador of Hospitality of the Orenburg region, the grand finalist of the Masters of Hospitality competition, greeted everyone.

First of all, we decided to ask the participants of the meeting — why do people travel at all?

  • «People travel to expand themselves, to gain new experiences. And if, for example, a person is a little smaller before the trip, then after it, having absorbed this experience, he expands internally».

  • «They do it for themselves, to get acquainted with different religions and in order to break stereotypes».
However, one of our speakers, Anastasia Savinkova, Ambassador of Hospitality of the Orenburg region, winner of the Masters of Hospitality competition, expressed her thoughts more deeply:

In 2020, we all realized that it is beautiful and interesting to live and relax in our own country, regardless of which country of the world we are in. Answering the question, I want to say that when we go to a different country, it is clear that this is a completely different culture, completely different rules and, as the guys have already said, we are really expanding there, our intelligence is getting bigger, our feelings are getting sharper, because we are building up new neural connections. And, indeed, travel opens up more and more new horizons and countries that attract even not always cool infrastructure. An original culture can surprise you so much that returning from the most unsightly and gray country, we return more filled than from a richer country. Every person forms a part of himself from every country, and it doesn't matter how cultured I am. I also like the story when we see other people's rules and want to take them for ourselves. Pick it up and say "But in Asia like this." That is, this is how we can get better every day, thanks to travel, among other things. After all, it is clear that when we live in our own country, we live by some of the same rules: there are no new scenarios. But as soon as we get to another area, country, another cultural code, then immediately a person becomes somehow richer.
The next point that we tried to find out together with our guest, Director of the Indian Institute of Ministry and Leadership, Chairman of the Confederation of Young Leaders — Himadrish Suwon, does travel develop leadership skills?

It is necessary to work with young guys when you travel and discover new cultures and traditions. Because when you travel, you expand your consciousness, learn about what you need, interact. I am deeply convinced that international cooperation is necessary for the younger generations, and we must be ready for the challenges we face
But, as it turned out, not only leadership qualities develop during travel. For example, Artem Mikhalyuk, the Moscow hospitality ambassador and an international law specialist, had his whole life radically changed after his first trip:

It was a distant and significant year for me in 2017. I worked in accordance with my specialty - a lawyer, for five years. But I didn't feel at all that I was really doing my own thing. I decided to reboot, have a little rest, travel, I expected that my journey would last about a month. I took a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia, but something went wrong and I returned a year later
This journey has changed my life globally. I saw the world. I was delighted with how incredible, multifaceted, and interesting he is. On this trip, I met my wife and we traveled together for a long time. But the most important thing is that I have radically changed my field of activity and since 2017 I have been working in tourism and helping people get to know the world, including Russia
This amazing story makes you wonder - what is the secret of a successful tourist? How should you behave and what should you not do to win the respect of residents of another country? What qualities should a hospitality ambassador have?

Well, the very phrase "the sphere of hospitality" calls for the fact that if you are in this sphere, first of all you should be cultured, you should know a lot and always be aware of the news of the world, know the culture and way of life of the people who come to you. After all, if you, for example, do not know the rules that are inherent in a Muslim country and came with your own foundations, then be kind enough to either accept them or not go there. Knowing all the customs and foundations of the country, we must observe them. Similarly, when people come to visit us and we have to warn them about something from the doorstep so that they don't get into an awkward situation. Ambassadors are, first of all, those people who should bring to the people the most important and the most valuable thing that exists in principle - friendship, love, mutual understanding and willingness to help."
As a result, traveling is a unique experience that helps to broaden your horizons and get unforgettable impressions. But in order to get the maximum pleasure from the trip, you need to learn a lot about the country you are going to, about the mentality of the people living in it. Following these simple advices, you will be able to enjoy every minute of your journey and remember it for years to come.