5 reasons to participate in "Eurasia Global"

Networking with like-minded individuals from around the world
The participants of the Eurasia Global Forum are young specialists and professionals from Russia and other countries who are implementing their projects in the fields of research, international cooperation, media, opinion leaders, young entrepreneurs, civil servants, leaders and members of organizations working on children's development, as well as winners of competitions on the platform "Russia - Country of Opportunities," and others. One of the main goals of Eurasia Global this year is to form a corps of international ambassadors for the World Youth Festival, which will take place in 2024.

Rich forum agenda
The mission of the Eurasia Global Forum in 2023 is to create a multipolar international youth platform that shapes a fair global agenda. The forum program includes various events, discussions, seminars, workshops, business games, and tournaments. All of this will help participants expand their horizons and gain new knowledge and skills that will be useful in the future. If you are passionate about international agendas and international politics, you should definitely participate in the forum to have an impact on the development of new solutions capable of changing our world.

Opportunity to receive a grant for your project
Participants of the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum in 2023 will once again have the opportunity to present their project initiatives at the forum's grant competition. All ideas that participants bring to the forum are aimed at developing global youth policy. Unique projects are aimed at creating conditions to support youth entrepreneurship, fostering intercultural communication, and establishing business relations between countries. The best youth initiatives receive grant support! If you have a project initiative that you are ready to present at the grant competition of the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum, apply now.

Volunteers will assist in everything
Volunteers will create a comfortable environment for the participants and guests of the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum in the Orenburg region. 200 volunteers were selected through a competitive process, with 4 volunteers assigned per position. The team was divided into ten functional areas, and volunteers could choose their preferred area of involvement during the application stage. The final assignment was determined after interviews based on their experience and competence. Volunteers will help participants navigate the forum venue and provide all necessary information.

Rich cultural program in the Orenburg region
In 2023, the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum will traditionally take place in Orenburg, which is considered one of the largest cities in Russia and located in the heart of Eurasia. The city's geographical location and history have contributed to its multiculturalism, which is reflected in its culture, incorporating traditions of different peoples. Orenburg, situated in the picturesque Ural region and rich in historical and cultural landmarks, always attracts tourists, inspires, and unites. The Eurasia Global Forum, whose mission is to form an international youth community based on the principles of equality, mutual respect for cultures, and sovereignty, will once again become a vibrant celebration for guests and residents of this amazing city. Participants of the forum can expect a rich cultural program, excursions to visit landmarks, games, and creative meetings.

Just a reminder, registration for the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum is open until July 16, 2023, on the Rosmolodyozh platform