Renat Iskaziev: «Volunteering means meeting with supporters and getting a new experience»

We introduce you our team of "Eurasia Global" volunteers. And we will start with a person without whom there would be no volunteer service. Meet Renat Iskaziev, coordinator of volunteering block!

The start of the International Youth Forum «Eurasia Global» is coming soon. And the festive atmosphere and hospitality at the event will be created by volunteers. They will also make the participants' stay on the Orenburg land comfortable. The team is ready. Renat Iskaziev, the head of the volunteer program, told us how the workflow is being built.

A reminder that 200 volunteers will work at «Eurasia Global», selected by a rather large competition, 4 people per place. The team was divided into ten functional areas. The volunteers have chosen at the application stage, what is preferable to do for them. But the final "consolidation" was determined after the interview, based on their experience and competence.

«Volunteers are distributed according to their main functions. Each function is assigned by team leader, who will coordinate the work of volunteers and solve emerging issues. For example, the task of volunteers working with participants is to accompany them during the day, coordinate them across sites. Besides, they should support the group dynamics. Logistics volunteers should help participants and guests of the city to navigate the forum sites. And report volunteers will help experts and honored guests», – Renat Iskaziev explained.

In turn, the work of team leaders is coordinated by specialists of the volunteer service as well as agents of other services whose activities are closely related to volunteer work.

«The Forum is waiting for the help of volunteers in organizing a large-scale event, their energy and openness to intercultural dialogue. And the volunteers will get new experience and new knowledge», - the head of the volunteer program is sure.

29-year-old Renat is familiar with volunteering firsthand. He has accumulated a huge experience. In a few years, he went from just a volunteer to a volunteer coordinator in his region. He collected and trained groups of volunteer assistants, which included 250 people in each. But that was just the beginning. Then the tasks became more ambitious. So Iskaziev, together with a team of coaches, was engaged in training candidates for the World Cup volunteers, which took place in Russia in 2018. And this, by the way, is about 5 thousand people.

«I was a volunteer at the Confederations Cup in St. Petersburg, which usually takes place a year before the championship. And later I worked at the championship and coordinated the work of 1300 volunteers at the stadium in Samara. Volunteering is about meeting supporters, it's a new experience that you are unlikely to get at your job, it's an opportunity to travel and make the world a better place», - Renat shared his impressions.

The most memorable thing for volunteers, according to Iskaziev, is the volunteer shift. The program manager calls it - a measurement of personal participation at the event. And the more these shifts, the more knowledge about the event and, of course, new friends and acquaintances they got.

«When working with volunteers, I always ask the question "Why does a volunteer need this?", what each volunteer can get, because everyone has a different motivation. And during arranging the work, I try to proceed from this issue. It's nice to watch a volunteer grows up: participates in different events, does different tasks. And this helps him to choose a university, a job or a hobby later. There are dozens of such examples», said Iskaziev.

We remind you that the International Youth Forum «Eurasia Global» will be held in Orenburg from August 21 to 27, 2023. The participants will be young specialists and professionals from Russia and foreign countries who carry out their activities in the fields of research, international cooperation, media, public opinion leaders, young entrepreneurs, civil servants, leaders and members of organizations involved in the development of the movement of children, as well as winners of contests of the platform «Russia - the country of opportunities» and others.

During the week of the «Eurasia Global» forum, participants will visit educational and cultural programs, platforms for informal communication, exhibition areas of partners. Also, young people will present their projects, the best of which will receive grant support from Rosmolodezh for their implementation.

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