Tengiz Shanaev from the capital of Abkhazia Sukhum - "buddy" at the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global"

Tengiz Shanaev from Abkhazia, 25 years old, working in the Department of Youth and Sports of the city of Sukhum (the capital of Abkhazia), has been engaged in public activities for about 9 years. He implemented the project of the volunteer center at the State Committee of Youth and Sports in Abkhazia. He participates in all major events in the republic: as a participant, as a volunteer and as a manager. He also works as a chess teacher at a private school in Sukhum. Together with Rossotrudnichestvo in Abkhazia, he arranges the Immortal Regiment, organizes events on memorable dates.

- I have already taken part in the “Eurasia Global” forum twice, so I just waited for the start of accepting applications in 2022, submitted, took part with great pleasure in the selection organized by the State Committee for Youth and Sports, and was included in the delegation. There were 9 participants and 5 volunteers in the delegation. The “Eurasia Global” forum is a very cool platform. Here you meet new people with whom you do the same thing. Then, we communicate, implement joint projects, visit each other, take each other's culture, Tengiz shared with readers in an interview with the local publication “Ural56.Ru”.

He also said that at the site of the MMC "Youth of Orenburg region", during the case interaction, he presented the project "Lighthouses of Friendship", previously it was called "Towers of the Caucasus".

- This is an international movement for interethnic harmony. Its essence initially consisted in the fact that delegations were formed from Dagestan, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, Moscow. All the participants visited each other in the format of a large expedition: first, guys from Kabardino-Balkaria came to us, then we went together to Samara, from there to Ulyanovsk and then to Kazan. In parallel, the other company were going along their own route. We all met together in Kazan, where it was a big festival of cultures and summing up the results of the expedition. This is a colossal experience. It's one thing to hear about other cultures, it's quite another to see, but to experience another culture, and not just one, is beyond words. Perhaps, within the framework of the Eurasia Global forum, something similar can be organized for next year," Tengiz suggested as an idea.

Recall that the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" will be held in the city of Orenburg from August 21 to 27, 2023. The participants will be young specialists and professionals from Russia and foreign countries who carry out their activities in the fields of research, international cooperation, media, opinion leaders, young entrepreneurs, civil servants, leaders and members of organizations involved in the development of the movement of children, as well as winners of the contests of the platform "Russia - the land of opportunities" and others.

During the week of the Eurasia Global forum, participants will visit educational and cultural programs, platforms for informal communication, exhibition areas of partners. Also, young people will present their projects, the best of which will receive grant support from Rosmolodezh for their implementation.