Eurasia Global participants will be able to win a grant for their project

Last year more than 133 applications were submitted to the Eurasia Global Forum grant competition. 69 were accepted for defense. 14 people emerged victorious in the competition. For the grant competition of the Gorchakov Foundation for Public Diplomacy. Gorchakov Foundation for Public Diplomacy 75 applications from 30 countries were submitted. The final winners of the competition were 8 projects from 6 countries.

All ideas, with which participants come to the forum, are aimed at development of global youth policy and establishment of business relations between countries. But only the best projects are supported! That is why it is especially valuable to win in such a strict selection.

And you have the project which you are ready to present on grant competition within the limits of a forum "Eurasia Global"?Be sure to tell us about it in the comments! And we will inform you about how to properly prepare for the grant competition.

If you have not yet applied for the forum, hurry up and register on the platform: