Anton Semyonovich

1888- 1939
Anton Semyonovich Makarenko (1888-1939) is a world-famous educator, teacher and playwright. According to UNESCO, he appertains to four individuals (along with Dewey, Kerschensteiner and Montessori) who determined the pedagogical thinking of the 20th century. The larger half of his life he dedicated to the correctional educations of troubled youth who later would become law-abiding citizens and achieve great triumphs in their lives.

A. S. Makarenko was born in Kharkov Region. In 1904, he graduated from the four-year school in Kremenchug. The same year, he started teaching. In 1917, he graduated from the Poltava Teachers’ Institute with honours, having defended the diploma paper titled as “The crisis of modern pedagogics”. By the order of the Poltava Gubnarobraz (the Governorate Educational Authority), he organised the juvenile labour colony in Kovalyovka selo, near Poltava. Since October, 1927 to July, 1935 he was one of the heads of the children’s labour commune of the OGPU named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky (F. E. Dzerzhinsky Joint State Political Directorate), located in Kharkov suburb, where he continued externalising his pedagogical system in praxi. Makarenko is the author of the famous books, such as “Pedagogicheskaya Poema” (“Road to life”), “Flagi na bashnyakh” (“Flags on the Battlements”) and “Kniga dlya roditeley” (“The Book for Parents”) where he told about his work with teenagers. In 1934, he became a member of Soyuz Sovetskikh Pisateley (Soviet Union of Writers) and after moving to Moscow, he was mostly engaged in literary activity, and journalism. He often addressed to the readers and pedagogical workers. In the executive order of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR, dated by January 31, 1939 he was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour. Throughout his life, Makarenko had been working for the greater good of the rising generation, for the promising future of the country. Lots of talented professionals, beginning with tradesmen and smiths, and ending with engineers, educators, doctors, military men and even pilots came from under his wing.
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