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International Youth Forum «Eurasia Global» Rules for MEDIA

Due to the special epidemiological situation in the Russian Federation, as well as being guided by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, we ask you to follow simple rules: wear masks and gloves on the territory of the Forum, and also keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

Temperature control will also be enforced as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In case of your non-arrival at the Forum, the Media Team is ready to provide you all the necessary information in electronic form (photos, videos, press releases, post-releases).

When you are on the Forum, you must observe preventive measures and follow all the Forum rules.

Accreditation for Media

To work at the International Youth Forum «Eurasia Global», you must be accredited by the Media Team of the Forum.

To participate in the event, media representatives (or their editorial offices) need to  download the form, fill it out and send it to The form must be completed for each media representative and employee staying on the territory (including technical staff, drivers, assistants).

Entry to the Forum without accreditation is prohibited.

This application must be completed no later than 72 hours before arrival at the Forum.

All questions regarding accreditation can be sent to For TV channel correspondents: indicate the car’s number and model to enter the Forum. Please note that the drivers also should receive the accreditation. If you indicate the car’s number and model in this form, then it must be also completed to the driver.

To obtain accreditation:

  • Russian journalists must have a journalist card and be a staff part of the media outlet registered with Roskomnadzor;
  • Foreign journalists must be accredited by the Russian Foreign Ministry.
  • Information regarding the Accreditation process and result will be delivered by the Media Team of the Forum to the each media representatives.
  • The work of media representatives at the site should be agreed in advance and confirmed by the Forum’s Media Team;
  • The media representatives at the venue should be accompanied by the Forum’s Media Team. The Forum’s Media Team is entitled to refuse the media in granting accreditation to its journalists without explaining the reason.

Contact information for media representatives

You can always write to the mail:
Or call:

Media Relations Specialist of the Media Team. of the International Youth Forum «Eurasia Global»

Anastasia Potychkina
+7(926) 278‑32‑93

Head of the Forum’s Media Team

Azalia Gazeeva
+7(916) 762‑51‑34

We will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you!

Subscribe to the website updates Of the international Youth Forum «Eurasia Global»

You can subscribe to the daily thematic newsletter by sending a request to the following email address:

To be included in the mailing list database, you must send a request to an email address, specifying the name of the media outlet, region, publication site, name of the media representative, their cell phone number, as well as the position of the sender of the request and the mailing address.

In the subject line, specify: «Mailing Request».

Using photos from the Forum’s Media Team

The Bank of high quality photos is available on a separate request to the address:

In the subject line, specify: «Request for a pics».

The Forum’s highlights are also updates in a daily format and are available on the website

Request for information about regional delegations ana Russian participants

Representatives of regional TV channels can send a request to the Forum’s Media Team by email asking to provide video materials about the regional delgations for inclusion in the news releases rotation.
Specify "Request for video material"in the subject line.

Specify "Request for video material"in the subject line.

Requirements for TV channels: an official certificate of media registration.

Request for comment from the Forum speaker

A request for comments from the Forum speakers is sent to the email address

The message body specifies the media name, region, media site, speaker’s name, subject of the material being prepared, the question itself, as well as the name, mobile phone number, and position of the sender of the request.

In the subject line, specify " request a comment from the speaker"


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