The International Youth Forum “Eurasia Global”

Forum that unites young people from all over the world. We speak two languages: Russian and English
September 2-8, Orenburg
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“Eurasia Global” is a platform for practically oriented dialogue between Russia and foreign countries. The Forum is held for the 6th time, and throughout its history it united 4000 young people from all over the world!

  • promote objective image of Russia among the foreign youth
  • strengthen friendly and professional relations between Russian and foreign youth
  • study the best practices of cooperation of youth associations
  • develop joint projects

International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development

Forum participants

Youth aged 18 to 35:
  • Foreign youth representatives, interested in active interaction with Russian youth in different areas of cooperation.
  • Young Russian Compatriots living abroad.
  • Young opinion leaders from Russia and foreign countries.
  • Russian and foreign young specialists and professionals, working in the field of international youth cooperation.
  • Young people with a project idea or a completed project aimed at international cooperation

  • Partnerships in education and competence development. New role of the human potential.
  • Cooperation and youth entrepreneurial partnership
  • From conscious consumption to sustainable development. Objectives and challenges for the young people who build the world for themselves and their descendants.
  • Voice of the youth - modern media and communication means.

Project offices of international youth cooperation in the following areas:

Arctic Council
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Central Asian Region

Russian-Serbian Youth Dialogue

Year of Creative Economy

Eurasian Economic Commission Youth Council

Community of the Young Compatriots Living Abroad

Grant support

Grant Contest of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs For Russian participants of the Forum
Grant Competition of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund for foreign participants of the Forum

Forum organizers

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