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Business program

International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development

Working languages of the Forum are Russian and English
Main meeting of the day
Business programme tracks
Partner platforms
Business programme’s tracks, Fast meeting, Programme 2.0

* During the whole day — consultations for the Grant Contest of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the Grant Competition of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund

Meeting of the Day

Format —

discussion, TED Talks, interview and talk shows with invited guests on the main topic of the day.

Speakers —

experts in different areas that study creative industries in the world: statesmen, community leaders and scientists.

Topics suggested

World without borders and global problems of the modern time. What challenges does the youth deal with in the context of the new normality.
Creative industries as a driver of the problematic territories’ development. Role and challenges for the youth.
Creative industries as a сross-cutting competence of the future, which cannot be mastered by the machines. What challenges should young leaders get ready to for the comfortable life in the face of the XXI century growing complexity?
Economic growth space and new rules of the economy in the era of hybrid reality.

Business programme tracks


Partnerships in education and competence development. New role of the human potential

For young specialists in human competence development, HR-specialists, teachers and coaches


Global youth entrepreneurship

For young entrepreneurs, leaders of the youth cooperative organizations, leaders of the youth entrepreneurial unions, startuppers, social entrepreneurs


From conscious consumption to sustainable development. Objectives and challenges for the young people who build the world for themselves and their descendants.

For specialists in sustainable development, leaders of the public associations, urban activists


Voice of the youth - modern media and communication means

For young bloggers, leaders of the youth media, communications specialists

Partner platforms

  • Project offices of international youth cooperation in the following areas: “Russia - Arctic Council”, “Russia -BRICS”, “Russia - Organisation of Islamic Cooperation”, “Russia - Central Asian Region”;
  • Russian-Serbian Youth Dialogue;
  • Year of Creative Economy;
  • Eurasian Economic Commission Youth Council;
  • Community of the Young Compatriots Living Abroad.
Programme 2.0

Professional, cultural, thematic activities created by participants for participants.

Implemented on the basis of the competitive selection among the Forum participants.

Fast meeting

Hybrid systems of the interactive networking give participants the possibility to overcome “social distancing” and build new communications through pairing off based on the chosen interests.

When staying on the territory of the forum, it is necessary to observe preventive measures and adhere to all the rules of the Forum. All persons arriving at the territory of the Forum must have a negative result of a PCR test made no later than 72 hours before arrival.

Security requirements for all participants of the Eurasia Global Forum

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