Young compatriots have made proposals for the strategy ‘20.20’

Young compatriots have made proposals for the strategy ‘20.20’

On August 13 a panel discussion of young compatriots living abroad was held at the International Youth Forum ‘Eurasia Global’. The speakers were Alexei Roskoshny, Adviser of Department for work with compatriots of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Head of International activities of Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Executive Secretary of the Council for Youth Affairs under the Government Commission on compatriots living abroad, Dmitry Ivanov, Director of the Forum ‘Eurasia Global’, Alexi Ljubtzov, Director of the ‘Youth Resource Centre’, Arkady Beinenson, the Chief of information-analytical Management of the Moscow House of the Compatriot. The meeting was moderated by Oleg Sotnichenko, the Chairman of the Council of the Russian-Speaking community of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a member of the world coordinating Council of Russian compatriots (WCC), coordinator of the working group on youth affairs at the WCC, Executive Director of Eastern Europeans Network CIC.

During the meeting, the experts summed up the results of the VI World Congress of Compatriots, discussed the work of the Interdepartmental Youth Council under the Government Commission on compatriots living abroad, the activities of the Community of young compatriots, as well as issues of cooperation of the Community with the regions of the Russian Federation and its development in general.

The discussion brought more than 70 compatriots who became participants of the Forum together.

‘The process of consolidation of compatriots living abroad, today is impossible without the participation of young people who are going to such a forum as ‘Eurasia’. More and more young people around the world are involved in this work. The action ‘Immortal regiment’, which was held this year in 120 countries and united more than 1.5 million people, is a vivid confirmation of this. Special thanks to young compatriots for such a large-scale organization’, – said Alexei Roskoshny.

In his opening speech Dmitry Ivanov, speaking about the Department of international activities of Rosmolodezh headed by him, asked the participants of the discussion to give proposals to the development strategy of the Interdepartmental Council for Youth Affairs under the Government Commission on compatriots living abroad.

Alexei Ljubtsov announced a large-scale event in the national environment - the forum of young compatriots ‘20.20’, scheduled for the end of next year, and invited the participants to think about the content of the program.

It is worth noting that it was young compatriots from all over the world who once took the initiative to hold this major event. And the Forum ‘Eurasia Global’ was today just that universal platform on which participants finalized and formed the whole idea on carrying out a format of the forthcoming meeting.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the main problematic issues, including the formation of the Institute of mentoring among young compatriots, the problems of interaction of youth compatriots with older compatriots, and also offered their ideas on updating the strategy of development of Communities of Young compatriots.

The moderator of the panel discussion aimed the participants to continue working on specific proposals and further, but in the process of thematic discussions.

During the Forum specific decisions are going to be held, which will form the basis of the content of the Forum of compatriots in 2020.

Let us remind that the main purpose of the Forum is to create a platform for practice-oriented dialogue between young representatives of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

The International Youth Forum ‘Eurasia Global’ is held for the fourth time and is one of the six forum platforms, which on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation is assigned the Federal status.

The forum is organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of the Orenburg region, and the Federal State Budgetary Institution Resource Youth Center.