About the professions of the future, the power of humanitarians and new technologies at Eurasia Global

The main media meeting on the topic "The Future has already arrived: what has changed in human life during the pandemic and what we can expect in the near future" was held at the International youth forum "Eurasia Global".

Its speakers were Anton Dukovsky, head of innovation projects at LEROY MERLIN, Roman Doronin, the founder and CEO of the group of companies "EORA.ai", Irina Yashina, the Managing Director of “the Untitled” venture fund, mentor of technology startups, expert in working with corporate innovations (retail, media: X5, MTS, MegaFon, Sberbank, ADV, Conde Nast).

Experts have noticed that people do not fully realize how much the Internet and all its services have penetrated into life and how important they are now. For example, according to Anton Dukovsky, "Leroy Merlin" is not only the company that sells building materials, it helps people make their homes ideal for them. And this is impossible without constant innovative solutions. Now the company uses new technologies everywhere: new employees are trained to interact with customers using VR technologies. They work out various tasks on the simulator and go to the hall to the customers already prepared. They also use drones which fly over the warehouse and conduct inventory without involving people.

The speakers named the network of shops "VkusWill" one of the fastest growing platforms of nowadays. The company has entered the market where it would seem that nothing new can be invented, but nevertheless, using the latest technologies, they are taking over new territories, opening branches throughout Russia.

The speakers told the audience that the main thing for the development of your own business is always to move and look for new approaches for promotion: "as long as you move and do something, you are not too late."

"Actions that bring success today will not be enough for success in ten years. We need to constantly develop, look for the latest business models, take the best from them and generate new solutions for our business," said Roman Doronin.

According to the speakers, it is necessary to take into account the fact that if the author of the project or the head of a startup enters the path of innovation, it will not be possible to relax. Roughly, one day of rest will cost him a lot, without searching for breakthrough ideas and solutions just a bit – you can fall behind for several years. After all, the speed of progress is very high and even any education can’t keep up with it. A person has time to learn and adapt to the new faster than, for example, a textbook will be published about it. It is enough to change just one detail, improve it, so that the old algorithm stops working at all.
Experts were asked about the professions of the future. Anton Dukovsky said that the time of remote work revealed the need for online meeting facilitators.

"Specialists from the field of Data Scientist and machine learning will certainly be in demand, but the world will be ruled more by humanitarians. Everything is going to the point that technologies will automate themselves," believes Roman Doronin.

"An organization is not just a block of skills and tasks, it is people. It is important to manage not every person and task in particular, but the environment, to know how people are located in the environment and how they develop in it. Therefore, community managers and business process organizers are urgently needed, " said Irina Yashina .

The forum's mission is to unite the youth of the Eurasian continent around the idea of the Russian world. For the fifth year the forum "Eurasia Global" is a stable platform, where they created conditions for dialogue of youth organizations and individual young people of the Eurasian continent aimed at engagement of Russian-speaking foreign citizens, ready for practical cooperation and interaction with the citizens of Russia.

The forum is organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of the Orenburg region, and the federal state budgetary institution "Resource Youth Center".

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