Creative economy "Eurasia Global": "Someone else's opinion does not matter. The market itself will show what people need"

Entrepreneurship as an extreme way of self-development, relevant skills of the digital world, promotion of social projects – these and other topics were put on the agenda of the business program on September 4 at the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global".
Within the framework of the track "Global Youth Entrepreneurship", a meeting "Entrepreneurship as an extreme and the best way of self-development" was held.
The leading speaker of the community of young entrepreneurs of the federal program "From idea to Business", the co-owner of the agency "Marketing Brazers" Alexey Chetvergof in the format of an interactive lecture told the participants what kind of a person an entrepreneur should be and whether business is suitable for everyone.
"An entrepreneur has one main skill: skill #0 is to be able to negotiate and communicate. Its main task is to build his or her own human capital. Someone else's opinion does not matter. The market itself will show what people need," the expert noted.
Vera Maltseva, the senior researcher at the Center for Skills Development and Vocational Education at the Institute of Education, Sergey Sotnikov, a specialist in human development at Like Centr, Timur Zhabbarov, the CEO and the co-founder of Smart Course, the author and the presenter of the developmental and educational programs for teenagers, parents and school teachers, held a panel discussion "The most popular competencies: the results of recent research". The meeting was held within the framework of the track " Partnerships in education and competence development. The new role of human potential".
During the speech, Vera Maltseva said that the topic of skills has recently become particularly popular:
"Why have they become more important than knowledge? Today, the race between education and technology has become critical. This is especially noticeable in the last decade, when education began to lag behind. The labor market is changing — the service sector is developing. In the labor market, they pay more for skills than for classical knowledge. But in any case, skills and knowledge go together," Vera Maltseva said.
The speaker paid special attention to the demand for social and digital skills that is growing today. The topic of the demand for special skills in the modern world was supported by Timur Zhabbarov. According to him, reading literacy is the ability to learn to read in different ways: fluently, find the necessary answer to a question, immerse yourself in fiction, study the content of the text. Secondly, information literacy. It is necessary to learn how to concentrate attention, to search for information correctly, to connect everything into a single picture. Third, digital literacy is about creating and using content. Finally, mathematical literacy as a tool of mathematical thinking.
Sergey Sotnikov drew the audience's attention to entrepreneurial skills:
"Choose the market, not the profession. Choose it as your love, as a partner. The market where you will live. And then in this market, choose a profession."
What is content and how to promote a social project with its help was discussed at the track "The Voice of Youth – modern media and communication methods". Students studied the cases of the best specialists in this field. The main message: you can talk about any topic delicately.
"In social networks, we can hold a dialogue that is of great importance for solving many social problems," said Odunola Oladapo, a Women of The Future Award Winner.

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