Eurasia Global experts define the role of youth in the creative economy

On 5 September 2020 there was a meeting of the day at the Eurasia Global International Youth Forum on the topic “The Role of Youth Communities for the Development of Creative Economy Projects and Social Projects”.

Among the invited speakers there were Oleg Lutokhin, the head of educational projects at the Yeltsin Center, the ex-head of the Kleister bookstore and WTF Magazine, Elena Kireeva, the product creator at WSM Group and the head of youth engagement projects at UN Women Regional Office of Arab States, a social media and youth policy expert Karim Emad, who joined the dialogue online.

Anticipating an open dialogue with the participants, in their introductory remarks the experts told how to survive without Silicon Valley for a business project, what role young people play in the interaction between the state and society, as well as the impact of technology on the modern world and the implementation of social ideas.

“What you are doing today, the projects you are creating, may be interesting not only to your city, but also in one of the provinces of France or in Alaska. Modern realities are so that it is necessary to think more broadly and target a large audience. Today time dictates new rules of the game. Technologies give us opportunities,”- noted Elena Kireeva.

Team rituals, personal discipline and a specific goal are the main tools in implementing an idea. Success, according to the speaker, is in the burning faith in his or her project, the ongoing experiments to improve its quality, the implementation of the design thinking process and, of course, luck.

With the suggestion of Oleg Lutokhin, the audience looked at some restrictions that exist in the world today as a unique chance to find creative solutions in the implementation of their projects.
“In the post-Covid space, the value of the event in online formats is growing significantly. And young people play an important role in this process. First of all, it ensures the interaction of different interests: society, state and market demands,” said Oleg.

According to a speaker from Egypt young people have more freedom with the development of technology:
“We have entered an era of new awareness of the world. Today we are already building networks, not markets. This is a new revolution and we are living in it. If earlier we viewed power as a kind of pyramid, at present, thanks to the network, we all become equal. The Internet allows you to create joint projects."

The mission of the forum is to unite the youth from the countries of the Eurasian continent around the idea of ​​the Russian World. For the fifth year in a row, the Eurasia Global forum has been a stable platform, where there have been created good conditions for a dialogue between youth organizations and individual young citizens of the Eurasian continent, focused on interaction between Russian-speaking foreign citizens, ready for practical cooperation and interaction with Russian citizens.

The organizers of the Forum are the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of the Orenburg Region, the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Resource Youth Center".

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