Business "Eurasia Global": you can't build a business on guidelines

On September 3 at the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" the participants led by experts began discussing issues of the creative economy. Together, they tried to reveal the topic through its impact on the development of territories, soft skills, economic growth and well-being.
Within the framework of the track "Global Youth Entrepreneurship" experts compiled a description of a modern entrepreneur and also discussed opportunities for his or her growth. According to Elena Melnik, the head of the B&D Foundation at the Institute of Business and Design, entrepreneurs of our time have no age. They should be distinguished by courage, critical thinking and self-confidence.
"It is necessary to be able to make a brand out of a product, combine business and design and not violate rights," says Elena.
In the eyes of the Deputy director of the Institute of Economics and Management, the President of Enactus Russia Victoria Makoveeva an entrepreneur is a person who is ready to take risks, study all his or her life and communicate with the community of entrepreneurs.
The participants also indicated their position. In their opinion, a new generation is growing up today with its own values, which is not afraid of showing themselves to the world. Young entrepreneurs implement their projects through them.
During the discussion, they also thought about the need to support young entrepreneurs.
Alexey Chetvergof, the curator and the leading speaker of the community of young entrepreneurs of the federal program "From Idea to Business", the co-owner of the “Marketing Brazers” agency, believes that "you can't give guidelines where all points are given", since you can't build a business according to the instructions. The Chairman of the Association for the Development of Digital and Internet Technologies Vladimir Turman urged to rely only on yourself in an effort to make the best product. The founder of the Video Advertising Agency NIKTO, Vladimir Ryabov, is sure that "cash prizes in various competitions and accelerators are evil, mentoring and coaching give a good support for young entrepreneurs."
The participants traced the path to responsible consumption using the experience of Russian and foreign companies in the format of a workshop on the track "From conscious consumption to sustainable development. Tasks and challenges for young people who are building a world for themselves and their descendants".
Currently, society at the global level is actively discussing the role of plastic. According to experts, half a century ago, it gave opportunities to live in a new way, but along with benefits of the plastic revolution, humanity was covered by a wave of consequences. Today, we can reduce 35% of waste. To do this, it is enough to ask yourself: What makes us buy some food? Do we really want to eat it?
"In advertising, we can often see the image of a full trolley that products fall out from. This is a vivid image of how corporations form the consumer habits of the population. We have led the consumer to the idea that it is better to buy a lot in order to immediately solve all their problems and meet all their needs, but this leads to consequences, " says Alexander Tsygankov, the Head of the sustainable development direction of Vkusville.
Why aren't children taught to think creatively? What skills should a child get at school? How does gender inequality manifest itself in modern education? These questions were asked by the speakers and participants at the track "Partnerships in education and competence development. The new role of human potential".
"The world is changing very quickly. In 5-6 years, it will be completely different. That is why we must be flexible. To get used to this pace you need to pay attention to empathy: listen carefully to your interlocutors, work in a team and constantly think about how to improve its work. We need a creative approach in everything. This is the necessary basis for life in the future," said Plo Seco Maximo, the Director of Operations for Cultural Infusion in Europe.

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