It's important to talk about future skills today

It's important to talk about future skills today

On August 14, at the media meeting on the ‘Eurasia Global’ Forum, it was discussed how to remain a sought-after specialist in the domestic and international labor markets.

The participants met Dmitry Sudakov, Director of the ‘Atlas of New Professions’ project (Agency of Strategic Initiatives), Marketing and PR Director from HeadHunter Olga Metz, Andrey Vinogradov, Head of the ‘Netologia’ Digital University Career Development Center, and Alexander Dolgov, Managing Director of Skyeng.

During his speech Dmitry Sudakov identified new areas of employment, which are: creative economy, concern for the environment, cyber economics (the sector of new technologies), human oriented services. Among the necessary qualities of a ‘person of future’, our guest highlighted the ability to manage one’s attention, to be literate in the digital world, to be able to work in a team, and think environmentally. And the most important – to get happiness from the work process.

Olga Mets shared with the participants the resent research of HeadHunter. She highlighted the growth of the labor market due to the so called “blue-collar workers”, the development of the commercial sector, production and the decline of the banking sector. The greatest competition for stuff is able to be seen in top management, and competition for the applicant is in consulting. A high salary rating is in high-tech areas, the lowest – in education.

Andrey Vinogradov has been creating internship programs for many years. In his opinion, nowadays it is important to have critical thinking, work with information, and to be able to learn something new every day.

Alexander Dolgov defined the management system as a competitive advantage of the entrepreneur. The company must cultivate unity in the team, develop a corporate culture, be transparent and open, set the highest level for its achievements. According to the expert, the company is driven by people who know how to be entrepreneurs.

The participants were interested in the question: will personalized training replace universities? Alexander Dolgov said: “Online is a story that you can quickly quit; motivation for learning is needed. Education of the future will be based on the information and service that the university offers. I am sure that universities will remain forever”. “Do I need to change education? Yes,Olga Metz shared.Today people do not work in the sphere for which they studied. The question is how quickly this will change”.

Dmitry Sudakov spoke about the demand for future specialists: “It is difficult to prepare for professions that are not there. We must not be afraid to change, take risks. Thanks to people promoting online education, thanks to which everyone can choose the right direction”.

Alena Postovalova from Tyumen shared her opinion of the meeting: “The meeting was as useful as it could be. The speakers provided excellent presentation materials. I really would love to have individual lectures with these professionals someday. It was useful to hear the top competencies demanded in the labor market. I think many people use research on supply and demand from applicants and companies to search for work”.

The International Youth Forum ‘Eurasia Global’ is held for the fourth time and is one of six forum sites for which, on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, federal status has been assigned.

The organizers of the forum are the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of the Orenburg Region, the Federal State Budgetary Institution Resource Youth Center.