Eurasia Global Forum: one more week before the end of for Volunters registration

Eurasia Global Forum: one more week before the end of for Volunters registration

Registration as a volunteer in the International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global " in AIS " Youth of Russia" stops on June 30 at 23: 59 (Moscow time). The Forum will be held from 2 to 8 September in Orenburg. The Forum's Volunteer Team will include volunteers from Russia and other countries. Their work will be implemented in 15 areas.

Business program service member – Volunteers of this function provide a full cycle of organizing the Forum's business program: scheduling, preparing educational zones, and moderating classes.

Protocol Service member – Protocol Service volunteers accompany the guests and experts of the Forum at all stages of their forum activities.

Grant competitions Assistance – Every year, the Forum hosts two grant competitions – one for citizens of the Russian Federation, and the second one is for foreign citizens.

Infrastructure support – Volunteers in this area will organize a comfortable stay for all Forum visitors (maintaining the site in working order, art design, providing participants, experts, volunteers and organizers with sets of Forum attributes)

Shorthand service – the main task for them is to keep in print the key points of the business program.

Logistics Service – This direction is for those who are well-oriented in space and time, ready to control logistics processes. The forum has its own special feature – an open space venue, few living spots and a large number of trips to various locations for all categories of participants.

Arrival and Departure Service – meeting and seeing off guests, assistance in orientation upon arrival in Orenburg.

Participants Service – Volunteers of this direction will help participants go through the first Forum steps – from familiarization with the rules of the site to checking into a hotel and getting a badge;

Information Management Service – The volunteers of this service are always ready to respond any question, they easily navigate the entire Forum program, know everything about agenda and events.

Translation service – As the forum is bilingual we will need help with high-quality translation and interpretation on various issues at any time.

Media Team - Volunteers of this functional area provide assistance to the Forum's Press service in various areas: writing texts, SMM, photos, accompanying media representatives, and much more. Key positions in this direction: writer, SMM assistant, photographer, support. Those who have an experience, specialized education and readiness to pump their professional skills are gonna be successful at this direction.

SWAT Team – This functional area allows you to apply your skills in the organization of well-coordinated work of the Volunteer corps. Be ready to solve various tasks, quickly transmit the received information and work with documents. We also need medical volunteers who are ready to provide first aid promptly.

Team Leader – In order to work more effectively will be created a team of volunteers with experience in managing small groups, consisting of volunteers who are not afraid to make decisions and take responsibility, organize the work of groups of volunteers and communicate directly with representatives of the organizing Committee.

Team Curator – The curator is the link between the Forum participants and the organizing Committee. During the entire event, the Curator is with the team every day, solving all the day-to-day issues that arise, and ensuring a comfortable and productive stay of participants at the Forum. Also, to provide high-quality feedback from participants, the Curator conducts daily reflection and summarizes the results of the day.

Both Russian and foreign citizens over the age of 18 may participate in the competition. Expenses related to travel from the place of residence to Orenburg city (Russian Federation) and back are paid by the sending party and (or) by the participant.

It should be noted that the Forum is an annual international communication platform for the dialogue between youth organizations and individual young foreign citizens of the world. The Forum is being held for the 5th time and is 1 of the 7 forums ongoing in the Federal Level on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation.