Business program at ‘Eurasia Global’ is in full swing

Business program at ‘Eurasia Global’ is in full swing

Master class ‘International law in business of Eurasia’ was held by Sergey Baburin, President of the International Slavic Academy, Doctor of Law, honored lawyer of Russia, honored lawyer of North Ossetia, honored scientist of the Russian Federation. In his speech, he highlighted the legal regulation of international business from the standpoint of public international law and the legal regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union economic processes integration. The guest noted that the presence of a single economic space was a prerequisite for the development of the country's economy. ‘It is impossible to build Russia without a socially oriented economy,’ assured the speaker.

As part of a series of master classes of the Eurasian Business Alliance, an event was held on the topic: ‘Integration of CIS member-states into the Eurasian space’, where Oleg Ivannikov, the expert of the Association ‘Civil control’, Cand. Sc., Director of the ‘Law and Order’ company, spoke about the history of the CIS countries in the 90s on the example of the Republic of Belarus. ‘We are single nation. In Russia, it is necessary to introduce loyalty for students from the former USSR countries,’ said the expert.

The seminar-discussion took place in the thematic area of the ‘Russian world’ Foundation. Dmitry Mikhailin, Executive Director of the ANO ‘Russian reporters’, discussed with the participants the issues of confrontation with fakes in the modern information environment. ‘Whether you are a journalist or not, or just a consumer of information, you need to know this, because we live in a large, simply global information space,’ the guest said.

The speaker spoke about the phenomenon of fakes and distinctive features of false information: ‘The main distributor of fakes – social networks and messengers. There must be an article about fakes in the legislation of the countries, and that is right. This year, such an article with a huge fine was added to the Russian Code of administrative offences.’

Then Maria Makhovikova announced the participants of the first international contest of digital journalism "#RuMirDigital", which would be held until August 30. Interested ones could apply on the official website of ‘The Russian World’ Foundation. The organizing Committee has already received more than 200 applications from more than 30 countries.

Katya Nepomnyashchaya, the Head of brand marketing at Yandex.Market, at the master class ‘Fundamentals of a successful brand and what you need to do to get closer to customers?’ told what the brand was in the modern world and why brand marketing was needed, how the brand solved business problems and helped the business grow, how to create a brand from scratch and what was needed for this, reviewed successful cases.

Speaking about the idea of the brand, the expert advises to ask yourself: what is the global mission; who is the target audience; what they want rationally and irrationally; who are competitors; who/what you are for the target audience; what is the brand idea; formulate values, determine why the audience should choose you.

A panel discussion on ‘10 years of the Eastern partnership: Results for the Eurasian space’ was held at the thematic platform of the A. Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Support Fund. The speakers were Dimov Ivanov Rosen, Ph. D., an independent expert for the European Union, and Daria Khaspekova, Chief editor of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). At the end of the event, the audience noted that the peoples of the former Soviet Union wanted to continue communication, and friendship: ‘As we see at the Forum – this is the proof – the younger generation wants to continue to be friends, interact and create common projects’.

Oleg Sotnichenko, the representative of the Council of the Russian-Speaking community of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (KSORS), discussed with the participants the activation of youth movements of compatriots, the problems of interaction of youth compatriots with older compatriots, holding a youth rally ‘20.20’.

The lecture with the elements of the master class ‘Russian-style Edutainment’ was held in the thematic area of ‘The Russian world’ Foundation by Oleg Mukovsky, PhD, Director of the St. Petersburg branch of ‘The Russian world’ Foundation, and Valery Efremov, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, introduced the Forum participants to the game technologies of teaching and modern practices of popularization of the Russian language and culture. The guests presented the scientific and educational projects ‘Arzamas’ and ‘Chapaev’, then demonstrated the game and creative exercises that can be used in the study/teaching of Russian language, and in the promotion of scientific knowledge in general.

The International Youth Forum ‘Eurasia Global’ is held for the fourth time and is one of the six forum platforms, which on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation is assigned the Federal status.

The forum is organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of the Orenburg region, and the Federal State Budgetary Institution Resource Youth Center.